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Various kinds of water in islamic

On this occasion, we will discuss about the Types of Water in Islamic Fiqh
In Thaharah (holy) we must know about the types of water that may be made as a means or medium for purification.
In addition to the daily consumption, water special role in our activities do thaharah,
The water that is allowed to wash the types of water that we will explain below. It is not right to pray when we are washing with water "other than" with the water of Thaahir Muthaahir (holy and sanctified).

In the book of Fatkhul Qarib, Jumhur Ulama establishes 7 (Seven) types of water that are allowed to be holy,
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Kind of Kind of Water Allowed or Legal in Use to Purify
Below are 7 (Seven) Water that may be used to purify according to Jumhur ulama. In essence the seven waters below are still in one common source and commonly referred to as muthlaq water, if not sourced from the land must have been sourced from the sky.

1. Rain Water

The rain water is water that comes from the sky belonging to the category of muthlak water. Although not known to the origin of steam, but this type of water we can use as a medium to wash or eliminate hadast.

Then, how the law of water formed from the steam of something that is unclean?
The law can still be used for purification, this is because rain water is the result of the process of steam shelter gathered into cloud due to wind.
Logically, moisture will be mixed with clean water vapor that will be more and become clouds, this causes the accumulation of something a little into something a lot and result in something that little in ma'fu (in forgiveness)

2. Sea Water

Sea water is the largest source of water in the face of this earth, although the water is salty and has a variety of colors, this water is absolutely justified by the clerical agreement as one of the water that may be used for purification.

3. River water

Although very cloudy though, the river water remains sacred and can be used to do thaharah, this is because the river is water that comes from rain and to the sea.

4. Well water

Well water is also a water that can be used to wash, because the water is sourced from the earth. But keep in mind, not all well water can be used to wash, Let's see the condition of water.
If well water is water for waste disposal that makes the water change its taste, color and smell then the law is not valid in use for purification.
If the well water is even slightly less than 270 liters and the inclusion of carcasses / dirt then the well water is not valid in use for purification.

5. Water springs

Eyes Water is the absolute water is used for purification because this water is the first generation of all water that comes from the earth, the source of water / springs is water that is guaranteed clarity and sanctity because this water is very rarely in jamah by living things.

Salju/es merupakan salah satu air yang bersumber dari langit, yang membedakan air ini dengan air hujan adalah jatuhnya ketanah (ya iyalah), kalau hujan berbentuk cair, kalau salju berbentuk es. Overall, air ini boleh di gunakan untuk bersuci "apabila" salju tidak membahayakan tubuh kita, jika kita sakit panas, atau sedang sakit yang menuntut tidak di perbolehkan untuk memakai sesuatu yang dingin-dingin maka hukumnya adalah boleh tapi makruh (lebih baik di tinggalkan karena dapat membahayakan tubuh kita).

6. Snow Water

Snow / ice is one of the water that is sourced from the sky, which distinguishes this water with rain water is the fall of the ground (yes iyalah), if it is a liquid rain, if the snow shaped ice. Overall, this water may be used for purification "if" snow does not harm our body, if we are hot, or sick that demands not allowed to wear something cold-cold then the law is allowed but makruh (better leave because can harm our body).

7. Water Dew

And the latter is the dew, the dew usually can be found when dawn before the morning (before sunrise) the dew begins is from moist air vapor.
Dew is also one type of water that may be used for purification.
Then how to use dew water to wash?
We simply collect it with a sacred container like a dipper and so on.


The seven waters above are legitimate water used for purification, whether holy from large or small hadholes or holy from unclean

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