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How to purify themselves from baby's urine in islamic

If yesterday we already know about  Understanding thaharah in Islam  and Various kinds of water in islamic ,  certain other things in everyday life you need to know how to purify themselves from baby's urine. There are saheeh hadiths berdsajad saheeh that distinguish between the urine of boys and girls who still complained about the clothing apaila. Besides explaining how to purify it with water. The urine of a boy is enough to be doused with water, so that the urinated clothing becomes sacred. As for the urine of girls should be washed so that the clothes become sacred.

Such purgatory applies to washing the urine of boys and girls who have not eaten-food. or a child who consumes only his mother's milk. As for children who have received additional food besides their mother's milk, their urine (male and female) must be purified by washing with water.

In the following lines, it is helpful to mention the hadiths related to this matter, and the opinions of the jurists and acceptable explanations. Hadiths of Prophet SAW regarding the urine of boys and girls as follows:

"From Umu Qays bint muhsin that he brought his little son and had not eaten the food to the Prophet (s), then he put him on his lap, then the child peed on his shirt, so Rasululah SAW asked for water to sprinkle (rasyasya) on the piss.

Similarly, the history contained in Tirmidhi jamiat, which uses the word "rasysya"
"From Aisha ra said," Dahuu Prophet SAW often visited by small children then pray for them then when brought a small child to him he took it and then the little boy was urinating on his shirt. Then he asked for water and sprinkled it on the urine and did not wash his body. "(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

From Ali bin Abi Thalib ra said the Prophet SAW
"Pissed boys urinated girls urinate in washing"

Qatadah said, "This applies to children who have not food, and after they have eaten the food, it must be washed".
There are other hadiths, which he says urine girls have to wash and urinate a pretty boy sprinkled.

The hadith of the Prophet SAW indicates the purification of the urine of a boy who is still suckling light by splashing the air on it. And washed from the urine of a suckling girl is by washing it and not by splashing the air on it. Ibn Shihab says:

"The Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) which applies to the purification of boys' urine is to sprinkle air, as the urine of girls must be washed, if they consume only the mother's milk"

Tirmidhi, "such a thing is not only expressed by the scholars only, and also put forward by the companions of the Prophet SAW, Tabi'in and those who come after them.Also the opinion of Ali bin Abi Tholib ra," Atha ", Al Hasan , Azzuri, Ahmad bin Hambali, Ishaq and the followers of the madhhab of Zhahiri.

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