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Understanding of menstrual blood in Islamic law

If yesterday we already know How to purify themselves from baby's urine in islamic now we will know the meaning of menstruation in Islamic law.
1. Early Start of Menstruation

Usually, menstruation does not occur in a woman before she is nine years old according to komariyah count. Before that age, no woman had menstrual bleeding, but sometimes this period occurred before this age. Women will continue to experience menstruation until the monopause period whose limits are certainly still disputed among the scholars. Some scholars say,
"Surely this monopause is fifty years old". and others say that the monopause is more than that.

2. Level and Period of Menstruation

The levels and the duration of the menstruation vary according to the views of the jurists. According to Hanafi madzab, the fastest menstruation lasts for three days, and the longest ten days. Based on Wailah hadith, where the Prophet SAW said:
"The most rapid period lasts for three days, and the longest ten days".

However, according to scholars of hadith, this is weak (daif) as said by ibn Qudamah Al Hambali in Al Mugni. The same view with Hanafi madzab is also expressed by zaidiyah madzab and ja'fariyah.

Madzab Shafi'i said, "The most rapid period of menstruation is a day and a night, and the longest is fifteen days".
Imam Malik said, "The period of menstruation is unspecified: There is no boundary of the fastest period and there is no boundary of the longest period Based on the word of God:
"They ask you about menstruation: Say:" The menstruation is dirt ... "(Al Baqoroh: 222)
The verse says that menstruation is an infinite shit.

While Madrab Hambali said,
"The most rapid period of menstruation is one day and last for fifteen days."
Their reason is that this issue originally arose in unlimited shari'ah, there is no limit in the language and also in the unlimited shari'ah, there is no limit in language and also in the Islamic Shari'ah so it should be referred to customs and customs .

As to know the meaning of the words of Al Qabdhu, Al Ahhraz, and Al Tafarruq, as well as a variety of words that are certain and not set certain previous limits. There are people who used to menstruate for a day. Atha said, "I have seen a woman who menstruated for one day and some who menstruated for fifteen days".

3. The Acceptable View of Menstrual Period

An acceptable view (Rajih) is Hambali's worldview, which says that to know the duration of the period it should refer to the prevailing habits, or the usual menstrual period for women, and must see the differences of region and country, ie in terms of cold hot weather . Differences of women in terms of type and time, and the extent of such influence during menstruation.

Actually the meaning of menstruation in the beginning of blood flowing. A woman is considered menstruation when her blood flows. While the meaning of menstruation by the term religion is the name of blood coming out of the womb, not because of childbirth, then the blood that came out into a habit that takes place at certain times. Menstruation is a natural habit in women. In a hadith the Prophet SAW mentioned:
"Surely menstruation is a matter which God has set upon women"

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