Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Understanding of mischief and miscarriage in Islam

If yesterday we already mengetaui some things about menstruation and menstrual colors. Now we will learn what blood comes out besides menstrual blood.

1. childbirth.
Births are blood that comes out due to the birth of the child. The law applicable to the puerperium is the same as menstrual law, whether it is permissible, prohibited, obliged or abolished. Since the puerperium is due to menstrual blood that is suspended due to the pregnancy process. Maximum doses for menstrual bleeding are forty days, as narrated from Umm Salamah, where he says:

"At the time of the Prophet, women who are undergoing postpartum refrain from forty days or forty nights". (Narrated by Abu Dawud and Tirmdzi)

The scholars of the companions of the Messenger of Allah and the tabi'in have come to an agreement, that women who undergo postpartum have to abandon the prayer for forty days. When it is holy before that time, then take bath and do prayer, says Imam Tirmidzi.

There is no minimum limit on the puerperium problem that can happen in a short time. Therefore, when a woman gives birth, then soon her puerperal blood stops, so she is obligated to do prayer, fasting and other worship like a woman in a holy state. The maximum limit is forty days, according to the hadith from Umm Salamah above.
Disunnahkan for muslim women to bathe after melahrkan good that gave birth with mengeuarkan blood or not. Similarly, if you experience a miscarriage during pregnancy even though the time is very short.

When a Muslim woman gave birth to two twin children, her child was born from her first child and not the second child. As Fatimah Az Zahra ra ever gave birth before the sun was rebuilt, hasan and husein. Then he was purified from the puerperal and bath after performing his prayer, right on time. It can therefore be said, that the minimum limit of the puerperium is the intermittent time and the maximum limit is forty days.

2. Miscarriage

If the fetus is in the womb of a mother comes out prematurely (miscarriage) and is in the form of a human, then the blood which is after the child's impotence While the fetus is out completely in human form, then the blood out after it is not categorized as dirty blood preventing women from performing prayers and fasting.

The minimum time for a fetus to become perfect human is eighty-one days as said by Abdullah bin Mas'ud ra. That the Messenger of Allah (SAW) once said:

"Indeed, the sperm cells that fertilized the ovaries were gathered in the womb of the mother forty days and then became a clot of blood, then a clutter of meat and was sent to him an angel instructed to assign for him four things, namely his livelihood, his dying and his deeds and whether to be miserable or happy ".

Scholars agreed: "The fetus is unlikely to be shaped before the number of days, which is generally the case that the shipment will not be involved before ninety days.

Must be Muslim women to know that miscarriage in the process of pregnancy, when a body formed like a finger, nails, hair or other body parts it has become a child and the blood out is therefore regarded as nifa. While the content is miscarried before the formation of the limbs and is still a clump of blood or a clump of meat then the blood that comes out is therefore not considered as a pufferous blood.

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