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The law of women mustahadhah in Islam

1. In Basic Woman Istihadha Is Holy

The basic rule is the woman who finds istihadha's blood being sacred. It's just that he is required to perform ablution every time to perform the prayer, as we have explained in the previous explanation in the Chapter Understanding the blood Istihadha. Because he is considered a person who has udzur or obstacles. This basic rule is actually based on various narrations. The Fukaha who declared "Truly the woman who experiences istihadhah is permitted to enter the mosque and give it to her in. Imam Bukhori narrated the hadith from 'A'ishah that the Prophet did the' itikaf in the mosque with some of her wives while they were experiencing istihadhah and saw the blood. bottom cloth absorbs blood ".

Bukhari narrated from Ayesha that he said, "One of the Prophet's wives melakuakn 'itikaf with him when his wife saw the yellowish blood, and put the bottom cloth underneath, then pray".

Bukhori also narrated another hadith from Aishah ra, he said "Indeed Ummul believer did 'itikaf when exposed istihadha". When commenting on these hadiths Ibn Hajar Al Askolani said, "Inside this hadith contained a law may be a woman who was istihadha to stay in the mosque, and freedom to pray and pray in it, besides that women are allowed to stay in the mosque as long as he is sure not pollute ".

2. Istihadha Women Can fast and pray

Istihadhah is not an obstacle for a woman to perform fasting and prayer. Therefore, the woman who experiences istihadhah may fast and pray, but she must perform ablution before the prayer. or any prayer time.

3. Bath And Wudhunya Women Who Have Istihadha

We have said: "Actually Istihadhah is not an obstacle for women who experience it for fasting and prayer." On that basis, he must bathe after the expiration of his menstrual period and perform the prayer, then perform ablution for every prayer, as we mentioned earlier. Before performing ablution, he must wash his lath and then hold it with a cloth or sanitary napkin. And after that new ablution at the time of entry prayer time. Because in fact this is a holy way of being in an emergency. Ablution before the entry of prayer time is not considered saheeh, as does tayamum. After that, he must immediately perform the obligatory prayers that the blood that comes out is not much because the blood will continue to come out of it. Wudu women who experience istihadhah are considered void after the end of prayer time. Or when the occurrence of a hadh besides blood, even when the prayer time is up, as we have explained before.

4. Fucking women who experience istihadhah

It was narrated from Imam Ahmad ibn Hambali that he said, "A man is not allowed to have intercourse with his wife who is exposed to istihâdah unless he is afraid that he will fall into adultery.

5. Fucking Istihadhah women when blood stops

If istihadhah's blood has stalled then a husband is allowed to fuck her before she takes a bath. For indeed the bath as said by Ibn Kudamah Hanbali is not required on the woman istihadhah, because it is equated with the male beser.

6. Istihadhah Blood Features

a. Blood that comes out of the minimum menstrual period (nearest) but also exceeds the size of the longest menstrual period
b. Blood that comes out less than the minimum puerperium and also exceeds the maximum puerperium size
c. Blood that goes beyond the size of normal menstrual and puerperal habits or most of its sacred periods.
d. Imam Ahmad part of some Hanifa clerics: Including blood coming out of pregnant women caused by congestion in the cervix
e. The exit is irregular

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